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The Aransas area is perfect for kayakers of all experience levels. The endless Creeks sloughs and saltwater lakes in our marshes provide outstanding opportunity for fishing, birding, and paddling.


Kayak & Paddleboard Rentals:  Year Round   

We rent Wilderness Systems Kayaks and Bounce Stand-up Paddle Boards(SUPs).  Full Day rentals are for 24 hours. 1/2 Day Rental are a morning or afternoon.  Paddle Board rental is the same price as single kayaks.


 KayaksFull Day 1/2Day Additional_Days
 Single/ SUP
 $60 $40 $40
 Tandem $80 $60 $60

Bounce Stand-up Paddleboard Sales
Model:   Type:  Sale Price 
11'4 Super Crusier H-TCT Displacement  $1,449
11'4 Super Crusier TCT Displacement  $1,249
11'0" Multi-Purpose All-Around  $1,199